Whilst the upgrade from TN to IPS would not be an issue here, the resolution upgrade could be a problem. Most laptops will run at FULL HD on an external screen via the HDMI or VGA ports to an external screen or projector, but only some will be able to run at FULL HD on an internal display via the EDP or LVDS ports the screen is connected to.
The video controllers inside the laptops are often not capable of FHD internally but only externally. The way we would go about researching this in the first instance would be to perform some research into the laptop model. If the model of laptop that you have did come with a FULL HD screen at some point, or a variation of your model had a FULL HD screen, there is a chance that your laptop has the same motherboard and video graphics controller but just a downgraded screen. In this instance an upgrade would be likely to work.
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