This is a question we receive a lot here at and generally the answer we have always given people is that you should not try to upgrade your screen resolution, but what about upgrading the technology from TN to IPS?

The technology used in TN panels or IPS panels is separate to compatibility in that the two are interchangeable. You could swap a standard TN panel for an IPS panel provided that there is a compatible upgrade model available. To do this, you would first need to identify the original screen model number in your machine, you can do this by either removing the laptop screen yourself or contacting a professional screen replacement company like us for advice.

Whilst we obviously can offer no solid guarantees that an upgrade from TN to IPS would be possible, we can certainly spec out a replacement screen model that may work for you as an upgrade. In the worst case scenario you would have to return the upgrade screen for refund if it did not work.

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